2017 Gull River Open Canoe Race

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Hello All,

I hope everyone has had a restful and safe summer and has spent as much time as possible on the rivers paddling (we all know there was no lack of rain and river levels have been high).  I hope to see all of you next weekend and hear about your summer adventures.

I am excited to announce that the 38th Annual Race is a go!   As always the format will remain the same with arrivals to the Preserve on Friday September 8,2017.   


Race practice will be held on Saturday morning (Sept 9) and races will start on Saturday afternoon at 1pm.  We will again have races all day Sunday.

I apologize for the late email on this as I was not sure if levels were going to cooperate and allow for the race to take place. Now levels on the Gull have dropped to a favourable 8.3 on the gauge making for an ideal race level.  


Please email and let me know if you are able to assist and please share this email with anyone who may be intersted in attending the race.

- Race control
- Gate Judges
- Finish line judge
- Registration on Friday night (covered)
- Gate setup - Starting Thursday at 1pm and continuing on Friday from 10am to completion

Finally, if you have any items you would like to donate to the prize table for the raffle on Sunday it would be greatly appreciated.  


There will also be a gear swap / sale throughout the entire event.  The gear swap was started by Paul Mason a few years ago and is an excellent opportunity for kids paddling clothing and equipment to swapped as it is outgrown.  

I am sure I have missed a few things within this email but most you know the routineā€¦it is the 38th year this even has been taking place.  If you do have question please feel free to ask.  I look forward to seeing everyone next Thursday for setup.



David Humphrys

Race Organizer

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