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Rivers across our province and across the country are at risk. In 2009 the Federal Government gutted the Navigable Waterways Protection Act (NWPA) in the name of "progress". Dams are being planned with inadequate public input. The Tar Sands project in Alberta is threatening large tracts of former wilderness, including many traditional waterways. In the NWT, the expansion of the Prairie Creek Mine operation inside the new boundaries of the Nahanni Park is being watched carefully by Parks Canada staff and local residents, as the Cantung Mine upstream of the Park is known to pollute the Flat River, a major tributary. These are only a few of the many threats to our waterways.

Our rivers are under enormous pressure. This category is for listing these threatened rivers to raise awareness of what we may be loosing.

This category should be used if there are any known projects that threaten:

  • access to and/or from the river
  • portages around obstacles
  • the flow or water level
  • the quality of the water
  • safety of the users of the river

If you do add a river to this category please be sure to document in the article the nature of the threat and what your fellow paddlers can do to help.

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