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Grand River (Mill Waves)

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The Mill waves are a set of waves next to a ruined mill, that start to form around 100cms (at the Galt gauge) but are best above 200 cms and are fantastic at 300-400 cms. There are 2 main waves, both on the far (river right) side of the river. The first wave is about 30 feet wide and is a lot like the first wave at Crowe bridge. It can be from 2 to 4 feet high with a break at the top. You can surf and spin for extended periods (30 minutes + in the past) but you do have to walk back up to get to it again. New school moves are also limited.

The second wave is about 50 metres below the first. It has shoulders on both sides and plenty of pile in the centre. This wave gets better as the level rises. From 200-300 cms it is a great wave with a nice pocket and blunts etc. are possible. This wave also has easy eddy service.


Map of putin takeout in relation to Parkhill

The Mill waves are located on East River Road, between Cambridge and Glen Morris. From Parkhill (Cambridge) follow Highway #24 south out of Cambridge to East River Road. Follow this for about a km or so. There is parking on the river side of the road, opposite a white house, at a gated road that leads down to the water, please do not go down the road or block the gate. A map of the are with parking and the waves marked is below.

Follow the gated road across another road (actually the Brantford to Cambridge "Rail to Trail" ) past a ruined mill (the waves are visible on the far side of the river here) and continue upstream to a boat launch. Ferry across the river to the river right side and the waves will be obvious.

Water levels

The current level for this river can be found through the Grand River Conservation Area site, "Cambridge Galt".

Waves form at 100 but are best at 200 and great at 300-400cm.

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