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Burleigh Falls

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Burleigh Falls is a 30m wide, 300m, class II-III run with a main run that is bisected into two channels at the bottom by a large island. The main run is characterized by the dam drop(sometimes forming a meaty hole at the bottom) and then largely a bouldery class II wave train, with holes and small surfable waves as the level rises until the fork in the river.

The river right side is more of the upper section above followed by a 4 foot gradual falls. The main line is towards the river right shore where the falls horseshoes inwards a little bit. There can be, depending on lake levels a "Room of Doom" where a swimming paddler may be recirculated and need help out via rope or a helping hand. The falls is runnable all the way across and there are some surfable waves that form just above if you are willing to risk the consequences of the falls as many spots are shallow and form nasty holes. There is also a drop on river left of the right channel, but it is shallow and not generally run.

The river left channel is more of a long rapid (12 metres/ 40 feet). This drop is a series of holes one after the other with lots of line choices depending on the level, be warned however, the drop is shallow and at the bottom there have been pinning incidents along the left rock wall in the run-out.


The rapid runs under a bridge on Highway 28(formerly 134).

Map of putin & takeout

Put in

Park on the walk up road and access through the Lovesick Lake Campground trail to an eddy below the dam, access to the dam is found by taking a small trail up to the top of the dam.

Take out

Below the falls on the right there is a road you can walk back up to the top.

Length of run

The run is approximately 300 metres from the dam to the bottom drop.

Water levels

Dam fed, runnable as low as 1/2 a gate open and upwards. No gauge though.

The summer levels range from low water (in autumn there may be only an inch across; very low, maybe unrunnable) to 3 gates wide open which opens up plenty of surfing, more holes, and the falls is a pretty big hit even down the usual line, the level continues to rise although i have never seen or run it above 3 open gates.

See also

contact the Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers Club for level information.

Dam Drop
Wave below the bridge
Burleigh Falls river right channel
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