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Guidelines are very important in a wiki. Please make sure you read this section, and any other appropriate guidelines before starting a new page.



The primary objective of the Whitewater Ontario River Wiki is to provide whitewater paddlers a definitive guide to Ontario's whitewater Rivers and Park and play spots. The site is hosted and operated by Whitewater Ontario as a service for its members and for other interested paddlers.

Even though the site is primarily dedicated to whitewater paddling in Ontario, we will certainly not object to articles about rivers and park and play spots in other locations being recorded here.

Site standards

The following are general standards applicable to any and all content submitted to the Whitewater Ontario River Wiki. There are more specific standards and guidelines for specific types of pages.

  • The site language at this time is English, and all articles must be written in that language.
  • All articles must be objective. In particular avoid making inappropriate remarks about landowners, other paddlers, etc.
  • Articles must be appropriate. This is a site about rivers.
  • Do not use offensive or objectionable language. This is a public site.
  • No advertising or marketing material is allowed. Such articles will be removed.
  • Do not take offence if someone edits or changes your article - this is a wiki and that is how they work.

Titles (page names)

  1. Page names should always be in sentence case, i.e. the first word begins with a capital letter and all the rest are lower case (e.g. Highway 7 runs). The only exception to this is articles about rivers and park and play spots which are named after the river or park and play spot and each word should begin with a capital letter (e.g. Ottawa River, Electric Chair.) If you are confused then browse around first and see how other articles are named.
  2. When choosing a title think about how it will show up in an index or alphabetized list. For example, titles like Upper Black River and Lower Black River will result in entries under U and L respectively. If these were named Black River (Upper) and Black River (Lower) then they would both be listed under B, which is probably where you want them.

More information

Specific standards and guidelines

Some specific topics have more detailed page guides and standards. Please refer to:

Complete list of page guides

You may find more information about your specific subject in these guides:

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