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Adding images to your articles

You can add pictures and other images to your pages if you like. The process is as follows:

Prepare your image

Images must be in one of the following formats to be accepted:

  • JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg extension)
  • GIF (.gif extension)
  • PNG (.png extension)

The maximum image file size is currently 10MB.

Upload the image to this site

You must be logged in to upload an image.

Go to the upload page and specify the source file name (on your computer) and, optionally, a destination file name then click on the Upload button.

Add the image to your page

All files, including images, are uploaded into the files page. To use one in your own page simply add the Image tag: [[Image:filename.jpg]] (assuming you are including a JPEG image.) This tag takes several optional arguments for position and size:

  • [[Image:filename.jpg]] displays a full sized image
  • [[Image:filename.jpg|200px|thumb|right|caption text]] displays a 200 pixel wide thumbnail of the image against the right margin with the caption caption text
  • [[Media:filename.jpg]] displays a link to the image
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