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This river presents interest to whitewater thrill seekers during short window in the spring. While it is dam controlled, releases occur mostly after snow melt




Put in

Put in is located bellow the Hurdville dam. Respect "No trespassing signs". Dam is runnable at certain levels.

Take out

Takeout is located slightly upstream of confluence Manitouwabing and Seguin river on Seguin.


Rapids range from CII to CIV [1]

After the dam there are a 2 smaller drops that separate areas of flatwater.

The third drop you come to and a significant horizon line is a slide leading into a 6 foot fall. There is a hunt-camp sign on the RL shore, which is the spot to scout from. This is a fun drop: carry back up the RL side to do laps.

After this you will paddle a bit of moving water before coming to another drop. Here, the river is funnelled down a thin chute on the RR shore, with a fairly big hole on the entry (looks to have the possibility to slam you into the wall of become a "room of doom"). If you choose to walk around it, you can seal launch into the chute off the cliff from the RL side (fun).

Two other significant rapids occur after this, with some 2-3 boogey rapids and flat in between.

The first larger rapid is a series of holes that can be avoided culminating in a large hole/crashing wave at the bottom (C3). On our descent it was a fun crashing wave to smash through/boof.

The second rapid of note has some C3 water moving down towards a river-wide ledge, with a tongue in the middle and a boof move on the RR. This might be the rapid named "ragged rapids on the topo map)

After this second rapid there is a bit more flatwater before a large, rarely run falls. Portage on the left into the lake that forms the confluence of the Seguin and Manitouwabing. Hang a left and paddle up the seguin to the takeout.

Length of run

4-6 hours

Water levels

Can only be checked visually.

See also

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