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Moira River

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The Moira River has 2 commonly run sections that are separated by a large stretch of flat water. Both can easily be run in a day. Most people run the Lost Channel, then take out and move downstream to run the Chisholm's Mill Section. The Moira can only be paddled for a short time during spring run off. The river is wide and shallow, it requires quite alot of water to produce sizeable rapids. The riverbed is a combination of large rocks and limestone shelves. Beginner to Intermediate; Class I to III


Approximately 40 Minutes from Marmora. Map of putin & takeout

Put in

From Marmora, travel east on Hwy #7 to Hwy #37 Tweed. Follow Hwy #7 south through Tweed until you reach Roslin. Turn left onto Shannonville Road, follow until you pass Chisholm's Lumber, go over the bridge and park in the lot on the right hand side.

Take out

Go back out to Hwy #37 and continue south on Hwy #37 to Plainfield/Latta. Turn left onto Latta Road, follow to the Plainfield Store. Turn left right at the store on the small laneway. Park along the road, above the dam.


The Put-in

Put-in anywhere along the shore shown in the picture. You can put-in below the meat, and use the eddy line to paddle up and peal out into the wave train. It is not advisable to run the dam here at any point.

River Wide Wave Train

Follow the current down and just around the left corner shown here, is the 1st rapid, a river wide wave train. Avoid the big hits, or take it in the face, the river is wide here, and you can pick your way down.

Channel Ledge

The river splits here. On river left is a channel known as the Scuttle Hole, and river right (shown here), is a channel wide ledge with some holes and large waves. Scout on river right.

Scuttle Hole Channel

No real scouting is necessary here. There is not a whitewater paddler's "hole" on this channel. It is just a very fast channel of water, with a sharp right hand turn at the bottom and a small bit of white water.


The river slows here, and this will be the area for take-out. It is advisable not to miss this take-out, as there is a sizeable dam downstream. There are alot of nice, long Class II-III rapids, which make-up the rest of the run, including a very nice rapid which breaks left, runs long and fast for 150M, then breaks to the right, only to continue for a short distance before slowing.

Length of run

5 KM; Approximately 2 hours of paddling, including some scouting

Water levels

The current level for this river can be found through the Environment Canada Real-Time Hydrometric Data site, gauge 02HL001 Moira River Near Foxboro.

Low: 7 High: 8 Max: At levels above 8, some of the smaller rapids will become washed out

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