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Pretty Channel

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The Pretty Channel is a waterway in the Muskokas, a couple kilometers east of Hwy 400, several kilometers north of Port Severn. There are CIII-CIV rapids that can apparently be even run in the summer sometimes. It all depends on how much water is coming through the Dam



Put in

Put in is from the parking lot near Big Chute Marine Railway. It might be the optimal takeout too.

Take out

Although there might be a takeout on one of the roads you can see on the map, paddling back(almost non-existent current on the flats) and portaging rapids might be the best means of getting back.


Dam is illegal to run. Depending on the flows that might differ from gate to gate can form potentially inescapable holes or resemble the Gull Dam.

Double Trouble - CIII-CIV depending on water level

Drop zone - CIII-CIII+

Length of run

2-3 hours(assuming combining putin and takeout)

Water levels

Need to watch the dam. Ask cottagers.

See also

Canoeing and Hiking Wild Muskoka by Hap Wilson Chapter on Severn river III

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