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Credit River

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The Credit River watershed extends north and east of Lake Ontario from Port Credit in the south, to around the town of Orangeville in the north. Much of the river is apparently navigable. The journey from Orangeville in the North has been written up on the Credit Valley Conservation Area web site. The section popular among white water enthusiasts is generally found to the south in Mississauga from the Streetsville area to Erindale Park. In this section, the river is banked on both sides by parkland and semi-wilderness and can be quite pretty. The section south of Erindale Park to Port Credit on Lake Ontario generally has less appealing scenery. Here, the river travels through some semi-wilderness, a golf course and eventually pours into a long, flat, man-made water way. The run from Erindale Park to Port Credit contains two short boulder gardens, but is generally slower moving and finishes with a flat water paddle of perhaps 3 km.

The whitewater section from Streetsville to Erindale Park is Class II but could be Class III in spring flood due to the lack of eddies.


Map of putin & takeout


Main Access Point:

To access the Credit in Streetsville use the Streetsville Memorial Park access near the Vic Johnston Arena.

Alternative Access Point:

An alternative access point is located below the Eglinton Ave West Bridge (Vehicle access through Culham Trail - entrance located at the SE end of the bridge). This access point allows you to enter just south of the Dam and misses no major features.

Take out

Take out at Erindale Park in Mississauga


Technical difficulty was not much more than class II, but due to the lack of eddies and a couple of hazards to dodge it is class III

Main feature to be aware off is about 400m downstream of the put in. Just around a bend is a major dam. We skirted the dam using a channel on river left that was accessed before the dam was insight. Dam is visible from google maps.

Rest of the river was a long entertaining run.

Water levels

The current level for this river can be found through the Environment Canada Real-Time Hydrometric Data site, gauge 02HB029 "CREDIT RIVER AT STREETSVILLE"

At 5.7 river is very high. Lots of features and all play waves are washed out. At lower levels(as low as 4.7) there are a few play waves on the way. Good section of water for eddy hopping close to the takeout.

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