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2016 Replacement of Horseshoe Lake Dam - Gull River


Preliminary Mtg @ Gull River-MWWP


On April 11 representatives from Parks Canada, Whitewater Ontario and the general paddling community met to discuss the Horseshoe Lake Dam. As many of you have heard, the dam is due for replacement.

There have been some concerns that the new design would not be ideal for paddlers, but those concerns were put to rest at the meeting.

Parks Canada will be replacing the dam, under the following conditions:

· Tentative construction dates are early August 2016 to February 2017

· Regular flows will continue during the construction,

· Access to the area immediately above and below the dam may be restricted during construction. Access to the rest of the river will not be affected.

The proposed dam will have the following characteristics:

· Same general design as the existing dam: top flow, with log stops. It will not be automated

· Same footprint/location as the current dam,

· A pedestrian crosswalk, separated from the log storage and working area, that will accommodate both paddlers and other users of the river.

Parks Canada has shown an obvious interest in accommodating the multiple user groups of this section of the Gull River. They are committed to open lines of communication during both the planning and construction phases of the dam replacement.

Construction is tentatively scheduled for August 2016

through Febuary, with site restoration and landscaping occurring in May 2017.

Whitewater Ontario is committed to keeping the paddling community informed and will publish information as quickly as possible to facilitate full enjoyment of the river.

In a nutshell, an important but outdated bit of infrastructure is getting replaced with minimal disruption to regular paddling on the Gull. Stay tuned for further updates.

- on behalf of Dave Gillespie, Thom Lambert, Dave Humphrys, and Victor Ettel.


WO Athlete Report-Natasha O'Connell

How are our Ontario slalom athletes enjoying paddling in Pau with their new coach Anthony ?


WO Athlete Report – Natasha O’Connell, France, March 2016

Natasha O'Connell being interviewed in Pau France

WO Event Report-HOHW 2016

Hell of High Water Event - May 14-15.2016

Video link to HOHW - Philip Kompass.

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