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30th Annual Gull River Open Canoe Slalom Race

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2015 Canoe Kayak Ontario Organizational Review

Request for feedback from WO membership on Canoe Kayak Ontario Organizational Review

WO would like the views and feedback of our members on a proposal to merge WO into our provincial umbrella organization. Please review and comment.

Whitewater Ontario (WO) is one of three affiliates of Canoe Kayak Ontario (CKO). The other two are the Ontario Canoe Sprint Racing Association (OCSRA) and the Ontario Marathon Canoe Racing Association (OMCRA).

CKO exists as the primary point of contact with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport, which funds sport organizations and provides athlete support to high performance athletes. CKO also coordinates insurance for all three affiliates.

In order to address declining funding from the Ministry as well as to prepare for changes that will be necessary as Ontario proclaims new legislation to regulate non-profit corporations (which we are), in late 2013, CKO secured grant funding to review the current organizational structure and propose changes as required.

This process is ongoing and a consultant has held a number of consultation meetings, which have culminated with a report proposing some reorganization.

Key elements of proposal for WO

The essential elements of the proposal are that WO would cease to exist as a legal entity (as would OCSRA and OMRCA). CKO would remain as the sole incorporated entity. Meanwhile each of the three affiliates would operate relatively autonomously through discipline councils. This mirrors the way the national association CanoeKayak Canada is structured.

So for ongoing operational matters we would continue much as we are now – e.g. active committees for Advocacy, Instruction and Minden Preserve. In some areas we may have committees that include people from sprint and marathon, e.g. communications and membership; events and programs (slalom racing would align better with sport and athlete funding through a high performance committee). To the extent that marathon and to lesser degree sprint share concerns about river access, we might recruit new members to advocacy and have a broader voice.

This would mean we would need fewer people to fill our board as WO would require only 2-3 members on the CKO board; we would still require members on committees, but as these are areas people have greater attachment to, its easier to recruit bodies to these functional areas.

One area to be resolved is how membership is defined, as sprint operates on a club structure and does not have individual members like whitewater.

Anticipated Benefits of Restructuring (consolidating the affiliates) are:

  • Improved Ministry perception of organizational effectiveness leading, it is hoped, to increased funding support;
  • Reduced overall number of governance volunteers, decreased duplication of effort and increased ability to focus on the “real work” (i.e. sport operations);
  • Reduced frequency of governing meetings overall, therefore increased interest/focus when meetings occur;
  • Increased ability to recruit expert board members (fewer needed therefore easier to recruit);
  • Improved overall promotion and marketing of paddle sport in a joint/cooperative way;
  • Improved joint advocacy efforts for river/water access and other causes;
  • Increased cross-pollination and knowledge sharing;
  • Improved staff focus and support, because there will be fewer fragmented projects and policies to deal with;
  • Collaboration across disciplines to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of staff and volunteer training (coach, officials, leadership volunteers);
  • A unified strategic plan and rationalized, coherent policies improving the administrative effectiveness of the organization.

Any decision to restructure/merge will be brought to the AGM in November 2015.

In order to help develop recommendations to the AGM WO has appointed 3 people to the CKO Organizational Review Committee and they will continue to work through this process on behalf of WO:

  • Steve Pomeroy, VP-WO and member Ottawa River Runners
  • Sandra Kiviaho, individual member Ottawa, Courier de Bois
  • Jennifer Levitt-Birdsall , individual member, long time certified official, Kitchener

At this time, we wish to share the draft proposal with the WO Board and general membership to solicit feedback and comment.

  1. 1.In particular would you support a consolidated structure?
  2. 2.Would you oppose consolidation, and if so, why?
  3. 3.Do you have any specific concerns or comments?

The organizational Committee will meet again March 15th, so please provide any comments by March 12th via the WO office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this file (CKO Governance_2nd Report_Feb 2015.pdf)CKO Governance Report Feb.5.15 Organizational Review[Organizational Review and Governance Model Development]492 kB
Download this file (Request for feedback from WO membership on Canoe Kayak Ontario Organizational Re)Request for Feedback from WO Membership on CKO Organizational Review[Request for Feedback from WO Membership on CKO Organizational Review]52 kB

2015 MWWP Planning Session

Preserve the Future: 

A Strategic Planning

Session for the MWWP


Are you interested in the future of the Minden Wild Water Preserve? Would you like to add your voice to a renewed vision of the Preserve?

I would like to invite interested members of Whitewater Ontario to a strategic planning session on Saturday, February 28th at Kenner Collegiate (633 Monahan Road) in Peterborough.

We will address the following questions:

  • What is WO's preferred future for the MWWP including the Roger Parsons Centre?
  • How do we change the scope of the MWWP to be more inclusive?
  • What are the operating principles of the MWWP (objectives, strategies, and benefits)
  • How do we strategically promote and market the MWWP?
  • How do we achieve sustainability of the Preserve within the context of a volunteer organization?

The planning session will go from 10:3oa.m. to 3:30p.m. and lunch will be served.

To register send an email to MWWP Director John Slot at 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by February 23rd. 

WO members interested but unable to attend may provide their input on line by following this link:

We hope to see you there on the 28th.

Jim Tayler

2015 Slalom Series

Ontario Development Slalom Races 2015

MKC 2015 Slalom Pic



Thursday, June 25th         – MKC -open practise

Friday, June 26th               – MKC Slalom (water release is free mid-week)

Saturday, June 27th          – Barry’s Bay

-          10am; Pan AM Games ignite Parade

-          noon;  Waterfront ‘noodle slalom’ participation event

Sunday, June 28th             – Ottawa River paddle

Mon-Friday                        – Gull Training Camp (unstructured)

Sat. July 4/5th                     – Andrew Westlake Slalom


Registration: ON-SITE

This is not an official Summer Race Series, so no pre-registrations necessary.



Madawaska Kanu Centre -     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         613 756-3620

  • let us know you plan to come to race, parade and camping – with how many?

Minden Wildwater Preserve (MWWP) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • ample camping, to be paid on site

We have changed the MKC Slalom Race date to:  June 26th, 2015

Why?  Barry’s Bay just got the Ignite Grant (Pan AM Games community) partially due to MKC being the default site for Pan AM Games TO2015.  Barry’s Bay will be hosting a Parade down Main Street on June 27th. Thought it would be super cool to have all the Slalom paddlers in the parade.   This would be very appreciated locally, especially if we organize an event in town after the parade. We were thinking of a local participation Event on the Barry’s Bay beach: a ‘NOODLE SLALOM’ Saturday around noon – (after the parade) – that would see non paddlers paired up with Slalom paddlers – either in Slalom boats, or in Tandem canoes. 

After Saturday’s events, racers could head to the Ottawa River to paddle, or directly to the Gull for a week long training camp before the Andrew Westlake Race


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