Mission Statement

Whitewater Ontario is a volunteer-driven organization uniting, supporting, and sustaining the inclusive development of the whitewater paddling community and resources.

Vision Statement

Whitewater Ontario will be a powerful and influential voice that promotes excellence through its’ membership, programs, and events, enabling lifelong participation in paddling at all recreational and competitive levels.

Further, we advocate safe and environmentally responsible access and use of Ontario’s rivers.

Whitewater Ontario is the sport governing body in the province, and represents provincial interests within the national body Whitewater Canada and the Canadian Canoe Association


2022 Annual General Meeting (Online) 

On Saturday in November 2021, our Annual General Meeting will take place.  Given the distance of our clubs and members we will host the AGM at an online video platform and possible live location - COVID permitting:

Our meeting will begin at 10:30a.m.   Registered participants are asked to arrive by 10:15 so we can verify attendance, complete the registration process, and prepare for the election.

As previously communicated, we are again adding an exciting and innovative component to our meeting with online access being available through GoToMeeting Video Conference to those members who have registered using this link:

AGM Registration Link:

[to be posted - 1 month prior]


All WO members attending the AGM must register for the meeting whether you plan to attend in person (Ottawa, Peterborough) or online (GTM).   Only those who have registered will be permitted to vote since the ballot will be sent out electronically for the Board Election.

Hard copies of the ballots will be available to those in attendance in Ottawa and Peterborough or you may use your own device to access email and vote online.  The AGM in two locations will link using the GTM service from their respective boardrooms.

By using the GoToMeeting service WO members will be able to hear the audio portion of the AGM and be able to use the chat feature to communicate with the meeting's Technical Advisor in order to ask questions or make inquiries. As well the screen viewing function will allow online registrants to see the live copies of reports and documents.

Only those registered AGM attendees will receive the link to the election ballot. Members will be able to mark their ballots electronically and submit the form. The Technical Advisor will synthesize the submissions after the link is closed and present the election results as soon as possible.

We will utilize this format so we are aware there may still be some user issues along the way. However, this online tool has been effective at linking members and facilitating our organization to move forward in a new and exciting way. 


The Nomination Process

You may self-nominate for any position or nominate another individual for any position on the Board but they will need to accept the nomination prior to being placed on the ballot. We recommend contacting individuals before nominating them to gauge their willingness and interest.

To nominate yourself or someone whom you think would be a successful Board member, please click on the following link:

WO Board Nomination Form Link:


Nominations will be accepted electronically until the identified "Nominations Closed" item is reached on the agenda at the AGM. This will be done in advance of sending the voting link to registered members to ensure all candidates are included on the ballot.

The WO Board:

Executive Committee


Directs operations, sets objectives, plans meetings and agendas, liaises with Directors, acts as WO spokesperson as needed

Vice President 

Supports activities of the Executive, supports President, Directors and Committee activities, may lead ad-hoc committees as needed


Works with secretary on WO administration and financial operations, approves committee budgets, maintains records and reports summaries at the AGM

Director Representative
(appointed by Board from elected Directors)

Secretary (ex officio)

Takes meeting minutes, keeps records, responds to emails, manages membership database, coordinates activities and supports Executive and Committees)


Directors noted by (*) are responsible for recruitment, management, and leadership of their respective committees.

*Director of the Minden Whitewater Preserve (MWP)

Leads MWP management and operations

*Director of Advocacy
Coordinates advocacy efforts, liaises with local river advocates and leads communications with landowners, advocacy groups, and others.

*Director of Communications
Manages and monitors website, Facebook group and member communications through emails or newsletters.

*Director of Competition
Coordinates competitive events including slalom races.

*Director of Recreation
Represent and promote recreational paddling clubs and events.

*Director of Instruction

Manages and coordinates CKC Instruction program in Ontario.

Director-at-Large (2)

The Directors-at-Large positions provide an opportunity for different voices on the board not necessarily aligned with any other existing WO Committees. They will work on new projects, ad hoc working groups, or on any other matters that arise over the course of the year as identified by the Board.

Non-Voting Members-at-Large (4)

Members at-Large support the activities of the Board and participate in ad hoc committees and WO working groups.

See you at the AGM.

Eric  Betteridge - President