We all enjoy paddling for a reason. We enjoy the physical fitness, the rush of the river, company of our friends, exploring rivers and pushing ourselves. Often we don't anticipate having a problem, but accidents happen. That's what a first aid courses, rescue courses, paddling partners, and a good insurance program offer.

Insurance coverage is available to Whitewater Ontario Members, Affiliated Club Members, and Event Volunteers both on and off the water. To be eligible for coverage, the River Trip or Event must be “Sanctioned” by Whitewater Ontario, meaning, the River Trip or Event meets these three criteria:

  1. The River or Event is listed on the “Whitewater Ontario Sanctioned River & Event List
  2. The River or Event must be conducted in the presence of an approved Trip Leader***. For more information on becoming a Trip Leader, please see “Trip Leaders
  3. The River or Event must adhere to the “Whitewater Ontario Safety & Risk Management Policy”***

***Except where specifically listed Event Restrictions/Exceptions apply

Whitewater Ontario, and Affiliated Club Members participating in commercial courses are also eligible for insurance coverage. These courses include: Swiftwater Rescue Training, Paddling Skills Development Courses, Paddling Leader & Instructor Courses.

To add your River or Event to the Whitewater Ontario Sanctioned River & Event List, please complete the Whitewater Ontario Club Sanctioning Application, or for more information on River & Event Sanctioning, contact the Whitewater Ontario Director of Recreation.

To make an insurance claim, or for more information on what is/is-not covered, please see:

Game Day Accident Claim Form Pearson Dunn rev July-16.pdf

Whitewater Ontario insurance info Nov 2016 with photos.pptx