There are 11 whitewater paddling clubs in Ontario that are affiliated and supported by the provincial sports association. They provide the primary point of contact for new and experienced paddlers who wish to meet up and paddle rivers together.

Also there are private instructors, and commercial companies that provide instruction on recreational kayaking and canoeing. We encourage you to reach out to the person or group that can help you become a better paddler, and make it a positive experience for your family and friends.

If it is a recreational whitewater club, please note that WO supports clubs and recreational events by way of:

  • GoToMeeting Online Video system
  • facilitating Liability Insurance for municipal requirements or property owners, and in the event of a lawsuit
  • facilitating Sport Accident Insurance in the event of an injury and medical/rehab care or loss of income.
  • provide a boat-loan program (including PFDs and paddles)
  • providing payment methods and e-transfer of event registration funds.
  • lobbying municipal partners and provincial agencies for paddler access and river protection
  • provide free access WO property for members, and access to Roger Parson's Centre in Minden for event organizers
  • help donations to the Advocacy Fund go to the Ottawa River Access and other river projects benefiting all whitewater paddlers.

Risk Management

As part of an ongoing effort to improve services to our members, Whitewater Ontario is pleased to announce a new enhanced recreational club insurance program and encourages member clubs to sign up for this insurance.

WO carries insurance to cover club members, directors, and event organizers for river trips and sanctioned events. This insurance coverage extends to all approved club activities over the paddling season. This is provided at no cost to the club beyond the existing membership fees.

The attached Information Package explains the insurance program and what is and is not covered (e.g. separate insurance is still required to protect the club board against claims of wrongful acts, errors or omissions).

Should your club wish to take advantage of this by having events sanctioned, you must complete the attached Application and Sanctioning Agreement and follow WO’s safety protocols

We appreciate your interest and involvement in recreational paddling. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Recommended Safety Procedures for Trip Leaders (link to doc)

Sanctioning Agreements for Clubs and Event Organizers (link to doc)