Eric Betteridge


Eric is President of Whitewater Ontario, after serving as VP since 2017.  His involvement began quite innocently when his daughter was named to the Junior National Slalom Team for C1.

Eric moved to Canada from England at the age of five and within a year, his parents had bought a canoe. Many of his favorite memories growing up center around either canoeing or kayaking. He met his future spouse when their parents decided that they might have something in common because they both owned kayaks! For over twenty years, Eric has taught high school outdoor education and is a former Trailhead and Blackfeather Guide.

Eric represents Whitewater Ontario on the Canoe Kayak Ontario Board and on the White Water Council of Canoe Kayak Canada

“I believe that  diversity and multiple entry points into the sport of whitewater paddling  are crucial factors in keeping the sport vibrant and growing in Ontario. Developing inclusive programs that encourage youth from diverse backgrounds to join  our organization as recreational or competitive will continue to be one of my main priorities over the coming year.”