Eric Betteridge

Welcome to Whitewater.  Where we believe sport and paddling make the best life possible.

We are a family of young people, athletes, parents, outdoor adventurers, newbies, and more experienced paddlers.

We love to paddle in kayaks, canoes, rafts, and on SUPs. Mostly in whitewater, but also rivers, small lakes, the 5 Great Lakes, and even in community pools in the winter.


Through this website, we are convey our mission to :

  1. invite people to come out Whitewater events via our schedule
  2. protect rivers and access to those playspots
  3. support our athletes in Slalom and Freestyle competition
  4. help paddlers enjoy a positive experience in whitewater


Our Purpose

Connect people so that they may pursue their passion of paddling on rivers and lakes, to advocate for the protection of these rivers, and access special spots to play, and support our people who are building healthy athletes. Of every membership fee, $5 goes directly to river improvement projects and lobby efforts, property access, and to protect rivers.

On a day by day basis, our +600 members and participants share their technical skills, exercise their strong physical and mental health, and enjoy exploring new adventures in progressively challenging locations.

Some of us are adults who get out on weekends with friends or family, some are teenagers who paddle whitewater after school, some of us train every day in slalom, or freestyle, shooting for the next International competition in USA or Europe, or South America.

Ontario has a strong representation on the Junior and Senior Men's/Women's Canadian National Slalom Team and Canadian National Freestyle Team.

I trust you will enjoy whitewater paddling, meet some great friends, and enjoy the natural rush of whitewater.

In Service,
Eric Betteridge
WO President

[email protected]

Our Provincial Sports Association is partnered with :

  • Canoe Kayak Canada
  • Canoe Kayak Ontario
  • Minden Whitewater Preserve
  • Ottawa River Runners
  • Petawawa River Rats
  • Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers
  • Guelph Kayak Club
  • Georgian Bay Kayak Club
  • Western Kayak Club
  • Peterborough Paddling Club
  • Muskoka Canoe Polo Club