Trip Leaders

Whitewater Ontario views the role of “Trip Leader” as imperative to ensuring safe, and successful execution of River Trips and Events, and are fundamental in meeting the requirements for insurance coverage.

Trip Leaders are individual paddlers formally recognized by their clubs, or by NCCP certified instructors, as experienced and skilled, and prepared to lead groups on club river trips.

To become a Trip Leader, paddlers must:

  1. Sign the “Trip Leaders Roles & Responsibilities” document acknowledging that they have read, and understood the contents therein.
  2. Obtain endorsement & approval of the Trip Leader and their approved Trip Leading Classification From an executive member of an Affiliated Club indicating
    • or
    • With proof of relevant NCCP River Leader Qualification
  3. Send the “Trip Leaders Roles & Responsibilities” document to the Whitewater Ontario Director of Recreation

While Training & Qualifications are not required for Trip Leaders approved through Affiliated Clubs, Whitewater Ontario strongly recommends Trip Leaders obtain relevant certifications in First Aid, Swift Water Rescue, and NCCP Whitewater Leader/Instructor courses.

For more information on how to obtain these certifications, please contact our Director of Instructor Training, or Director of Recreation