Trip Leaders

Trip Leaders are paddlers formally recognized by their clubs, as experienced and skilled, and prepared to lead groups on club river trips.   These TLs are considering competent at :

  • paddling at or above level that they are leading
  • group management and first aid
  • river safety and rescue skills


There is training and certification for TL, however WO Directors recognize that training can be difficult to obtain, so we have initiated club training sessions and subsidies for in-house development of TLs.

Contact our:

Director of Recreation - Graham Kent or

Director of Instructor Training - Stef McArdle



Other info related to TL:

The NCCP Kayaking qualifications are:

  • Pool Kayak Instructor – Qualifies instructor to lead a pool kayaking session. Ideal entry point for new instructors. No need to have a background in paddling. Well suited to lifeguards. Instructs the basics to new paddlers including propulsion, basic strokes and wet-exits.
  • Lake Kayak Instructor – Qualifies instructor to lead and instruct paddlers on lakes. Demonstrates and instructs rolling, edging and basic strokes to new paddlers to prepare them for whitewater.
  • River Kayak Leader 2 – Qualifies leader to lead intermediate paddlers down class 1-2 rivers.
  • Whitewater Kayak Leader 3 – Qualifies leader to lead paddlers on class 3 whitewater.
  • Whitewater Kayak Instructor 3 – Instructor instructs advanced paddlers on class 3 whitewater.

Trip Leader : Recommended training and certification for group/trip leaders responsible for guiding paddlers. This can stand alone for the Class of whitewater you are leading on. (e.g. L2 for Class II rivers).