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Ken Leavens


Alex Maggs

Alex was born into the Guelph Kayak Club and a life that involves lots of whitewater kayaking. She started getting involved more in the GKC volunteering at 16 years old and started competing in Freestyle kayaking around the same time. Participating in the inaugural King of Clubs recreation competition and other events in ... More

Eric Chaplin

Someone once said “If there is a trickle of water, Eric will try to run it”. This is not an exaggeration for Eric will in fact bump and grind down the narrowest rivers all in the hopes of finding that next hidden run. This speaks to his sense of adventure as well as his love of kayaking. To anyone who comes along on ... More

Larry Norman


Dave Gillespie

Dave drives from Peterborough to his favourite paddling spots, like the Gull River, Madawaska River, Lake Superior, and a few whitewater canoe routes in northern Canada. As Director of MWP for 2021, he has 3 goals: work closely with 3 Property Managers and a network of volunteers to keep MWP vibrant; ... More

Eric Betteridge

Eric moved to Canada from England at the age of five and within a year, his parents had bought a canoe. Many of his favorite memories growing up center around either canoeing or kayaking. He met his future spouse when their parents decided that they might have something in common because they both owned kayaks! For ... More

Donna Boadway

Since 1986, Donna has been involved with the administrative end of whitewater kayaking.  Currently, she manages the Whitewater Ontario part time office in Port Perry and resides at the other end of the phone or email.  She kayaks almost every morning and enjoys the freedom and joy that being on the water brings to her ... More

Jill Mclellan

In Jill's role as Director of Instruction, she aims to facilitate the delivery of Instructor Certification courses across Ontario.  Using the Canoe Kayak Canada program and with a cadre of skilled Master-Instructors, she will liaise with clubs and organizations who wish to host a course, and continue quality instructor ... More